Pastoral care

Our high level of pastoral care is a striking feature of the school. We make great efforts to ensure that every child feels happy and safe at St Anne’s. Through 'prayer partners', each class makes links with another, so that older children can support and care for younger ones. Standards of behaviour are consistently high and children learn the importance of respecting everyone. We recognise that everyone sometimes makes mistakes, but when this happens a strong emphasis on forgiveness and reconciliation allows us to move forward and genuinely learn from these mistakes.

We are committed to meeting the individual learning needs of each child in our school, continually developing our approaches to teaching. These enable all children to learn more effectively, for example by tailoring activities to meet different learning styles.
Whenever possible each child's needs are met by their class teacher, but should a child's lack of development in any area (academic, social, emotional, behavioural) begin to cause concern this will be addressed sensitively through the school’s Special Needs provision. This approach applies equally to children with particular gifts and talents. The school maintains links with, and makes full use of the support offered by the Speech and Language Therapists, the learning support services, the Educational Psychology Service and the School Medical Officer.

Classroom assistants provide extra support within every classroom and also work with children one-to-one or in small groups outside the classroom when appropriate.