Teachers at St Anne’s endeavour to provide a school day which excites, challenges and motivates each individual child. We provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum designed to educate the whole child and enable them to attain as high a standard as they can. Their learning is organised into cross-curricular learning journeys that promote excellence, enjoyment, perseverance and independence. Activities are based on first hand experience wherever possible and offer children opportunities to celebrate their learning with parents and others.

The Catholic nature of our school permeates the whole curriculum and Religious Education forms a central part of school life. We currently follow the ‘Here I Am’ scheme. The aim of this programme is to explore the religious dimension of questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition. Collective worship forms a regular part of each day and children actively participate in a wide variety of liturgies.

The remainder of the core curriculum consists of English, mathematics, science and ICT. Children reach high standards in these subjects. This is demonstrated, for example, in consistently high test results at the end of Year 6. We closely monitor children’s learning to ensure that every child makes good progress. Our school profile provides more information about the results we achieve (you will find details of how to locate this in the final section of this brochure). Although we place an appropriate emphasis on the core curriculum, we greatly value the other subjects (art, design technology, history, geography, music and physical education). Each of these offers children unique opportunities to develop their individual gifts and gain authentic insights into God’s work of creation. Junior children also learn a foreign language, currently French in Years 3 & 4 and Spanish in Years 5 & 6.

We view the foundation stage (from pre-school groups to the end of the Reception year) as a crucial stage in a child’s education. Consequently we work closely with nursery schools and parents to ensure that children make a smooth start to their life at St Anne’s. In the foundation stage, children experience a lot of self-directed learning and make extensive use of our well-equipped outside area.

We recognise that visits and visitors offer excellent opportunities to extend and enhance the curriculum; we constantly seek ways to include them into learning journeys whenever appropriate. Moreover, we value the part that extra-curricular provision can play in a child’s education. We offer an ever-expanding range of such activities, including football, netball, chess, various foreign languages, team building, ICT, music and instrumental tuition. We also have a breakfast club.