Year 2

Strictly X-factor!

Year 2 had a great time presenting their Christmas concert based on a new talent show concept mixing the best of two of our favourite TV programmes. Talents displayed included a Christmas dance troupe, Irish Dancing, karate moves to music, boy and girl bands, violin and piano playing, comedians and a gymnastic display. The winners have enjoyed their trim-trail

We would like to thank Mrs Xenakis and Mr Webb for supporting the musicians, Year 6 girls Orla, Darcey and Ella who assisted the Irish dancers and Miss Renaut and Year 4 girls Louise and Ola for their assistance with choreography.

The children worked very hard at improving their performances and really grew more in confidence after each rehearsal. We are very proud of all of them. 

The Fire of London


Through music, art, writing, ICT and history we became detectives to find out how and why the Great Fire of London spread. We discovered it started in Pudding Lane by a baker and the reasons why it spread so quickly. So come and ask us.

"The most interesting thing I learnt was that Samuel Pepys buried his wine, cheese and diary in his garden to keep them safe from the fire".

"The most interesting thing I learnt was that King Charles II ordered houses to be pulled down so that the Fire could not spread".

"The most interesting thing I learnt was that the fire spread quickly because the streets were filled with rubbish, houses were close together and it had been a hot summer".

Pupils, Year 2

Florence Nightingale

"I really enjoyed doing drama. I had to imagine I was an injured soldier. I used my senses to describe the scene and then used this for my writing."

Pupil, Year 2

"I was a nurse helping injured soldiers. It wasn’t very nice. Rats, people crying and very smelly. This gave me great ideas I could use for my writing."

Pupil, Year 2